Front End Developer

Web Developer / Shopify Expert / Wordpress Expert

I have been working for building e-commerce stores and developing personal websites and blogs. Over the past two years, I have invested my efforts in self-development in this exciting field and have acquired strong skills in designing and developing web interfaces.
By watching numerous tutorials and training in WordPress and Shopify, I have been able to expand my knowledge and understanding of building effective and attractive websites. With my experience in e-commerce, I am familiar with payment methods such as cash on delivery and drop shipping, enabling me to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience for customers. My future goals revolve around utilizing these skills and experiences to develop innovative and exceptional digital solutions. I always strive to deliver real value and meet the needs of clients and users through designing and developing websites, applications, and user interface experiences. I am excited about new challenges and opportunities that contribute to my continuous growth and development in this dynamic field. I consider myself creative and innovative, constantly aiming to excel in every project I undertake.