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I'm Mallem HamZa Front End Developer

Web Developer / Shopify Expert / Wordpress Expert

I have been working for building e-commerce stores and developing personal websites and blogs. Over the past two years, I have invested my efforts in self-development in this exciting field and have acquired strong skills in designing and developing web interfaces. By watching numerous tutorials and training in WordPress and Shopify, I have been able to expand my knowledge and understanding of building effective and attractive websites. With my experience in e-commerce, I am familiar with payment methods such as cash on delivery and drop shipping, enabling me to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience for customers. My future goals revolve around utilizing these skills and experiences to develop innovative and exceptional digital solutions. I always strive to deliver real value and meet the needs of clients and users through designing and developing websites, applications, and user interface experiences. I am excited about new challenges and opportunities that contribute to my continuous growth and development in this dynamic field. I consider myself creative and innovative, constantly aiming to excel in every project I undertake.


The main area of expertise is front-end design and development (client-side of the web). This includes HTML, CSS, JS, building small and medium web applications using Vue or React, creating custom plugins and features, designing animations, and coding interactive layouts. I also have experience in developing themes for WordPress and Shopify, working with one of the most popular open-source content management systems - WordPress.

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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


I have built various different projects to fit different aspects of the client's business.including my own website Mallem which serves as a portfolio, blog, and showcases my skills. If you want to see more examples of my work than the ones

الحل ايلبسيط له

هنا كتب الوصف

My Services

WordPress build & Developement

Building and developing websites, including E-Commerce Stores and Blogs.and Personal websites or Portfolio. With WordPress, you can easily manage, publish, or sell on your website, and it also supports the Arabic language or more.

Shopify build & Developement

We build custom Shopify themes that reflect your brand and meet all of your e-commerce needs for COD or Dropshipping. We guarantee you a reliable, high speed website with excellent performance, And it supports the Arabic language or more...

Web Developement

Build and customize websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and relevant frameworks. Create responsive and user-friendly designs that work well on various devices and browsers.

Web Design

bring your web design vision and ideas to life through innovative custom design for your business. we work on hundreds of websites a year, and bring unique insight from our deep experience.

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